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RISE 2021


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RISE 2021
The world is full of thoughts flying past us and millions of words being said. The important question to ask is -
“Are we listening?”

Many voices that can help the earth attain a sustainable future go unheard, simply because their words get lost in the frenzy of trivial talk. For such voices, RISE IS BACK!
Do you want to step up and take action for a better, more sustainable society?
Then RISE to Infinity and Beyond!


From the Principal's Desk
Greetings to one and all!

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you on behalf of Navrachana School, Sama to this third edition of Navrachana’s very own Design Thinking Competition, RISE 2021.

RISE is a student-led event that has at its heart the idea of promoting sustainable development while fostering design thinking. It aims to provide a platform to young and talented student leaders to identify and solve problems around them that they feel most passionate about, in their own unique manner.

We believe that this is an excellent platform for students to learn from one another and join forces for creating a movement for sustainable development, which is the need of the hour.

At RISE 2021, we hope to challenge your creativity, create excitement and inspire you to think out of the box to find simple solutions for problems you strongly feel about.

Looking forward to see the best in you at this event!

Warm Regards
Suprabha Menon
Navrachana Higher Secondary School,

From the Vice Principal's Desk
Dear Friends!

Considering the rapidly changing world we live in; our students will need to be innovative and critical thinkers to thrive in the future. As pedagogical leaders, ‘Design Thinking’ is one of the best tools we can give our students to ensure that they develop creative confidence in their abilities to respond to new challenges and develop innovative, creative solutions to problems they and others encounter.

We at Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama, wish to be the catalysts in this extremely important journey of our young change-makers where we help them to evolve as optimistic, empathetic, and active members of society who can contribute to solving the real-world problems encountered by them. Please join us in this venture, own it, and make it successful!

Program Convener
Kashmira Jaiswal
Vice Principal
Navrachana Higher Secondary School,

Get in touch
For any queries and/or requests please contact us on our email address navfestxrise2021@navrachana.edu.in, or call us on either of the following numbers.

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